Can you access cricket betting sites from India?

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Online cricket betting sites are becoming really common today due to the huge market potential available with the sport. In recent times, this has seen many access the market, looking to become one of the best cricket betting sites around. The sport has its hugest market in India, hence a lot of IPL betting sites that follow suit. However, although legal in most countries, betting is illegal in India. With this information, you might be confused whether you can bet on the sport or not, well, this article would address this question and more, as Indian cricket betting sites have found a way around it.

Online betting in India

Betting on games and outcomes of events has been a long tradition of people around the world. It is one of the things most countries have in common, as many are swayed by the possibility of making quick money. A country like India has this more ingrained in their DNA, culture and tradition, which became outrageous at some point, forcing the government to barn all form of betting. This includes sports, political outcomes, teen Patti, dice, and anything that involves taking a chance.

However, with technical advancement and the emergence of online cricket betting sites betting sites like indiabet, companies have found a way around this law. This has led to several legal betting sites in India accessing the large market after starting small. Over the years, there have been more and more top cricket bookies in India, specifically designing their services to suit the need of the Indian people. One of the approaches they took was to initiate online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees, creating a more friendly interface for players to relate with.

Legal betting in India

Despite the presence of a ton of online cricket betting sites, there are still lots of questions around its legality, creating confusion, and restricting the market to an extent. Certainly, if the air was clear, there would be more players than there is at the moment. Here's what you should know about legal betting in India.

Firstly, there are no federal laws at the moment prohibiting online betting in India, as current laws prohibit physical bets. However, states are allowed to make their individual laws concerning the matter, but only a very few have done that so far. Also, at the time of this writing, there are no records of the prosecution of any Indian player as a result of online betting. Considering these factors, it is safe to say that the act is not illegal unless you currently reside in a state that has outrightly banned online gambling.

To be on the safe side, it is necessary that you check your local laws and regulations before you engage yourself in any form of online betting. As a way to survive, most local betting bookmakers in India have moved their services online once again, allowing everyone to access their services. Currently, some of them have even expanded as far as handling payment directly on their sites.

Gambling Laws in India

Just like in most places around the world, gambling laws in India are pretty gray, with nothing being definite or indefinite. If you're going to be gambling, you should have an idea of what the existing laws are. At the moment, India relies on outdated laws, like the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which although is over 150 years old, is still very much as upheld as it was when it was created. This law prohibits anyone from running a gambling house, making the act illegal. It comes with a fine of 100 rupees, along with 1 month imprisonment, or one of either.

Also, online gambling is actually illegal according to the Information 2000, which states that any activity the Indian government views as corruptible to the people is prohibited. Breaking this law comes with a fine of up to 1,00,000 rupees or 5 years imprisonment or both. However, online gambling is still possible when dealing with offshore betting sites.

Since these sites are not domiciled in India, there is little or nothing the government can do to restrict them, outside restriction of payment processing and methods. Actually, the government have already done their best to restrict this, banning most direct deposits through credit and debit cards issued by banks. However, there is a loophole to this once again, as the government did not restrict the use of e-wallets like UPI or NetBanking.

You can fund your betting accounts using any of these payment methods at the moment in India. Although there are news circling the ban of online gambling, it is currently what it is, rumors and many experts think it would take a really long time to become law, that's if at all it would.

Are cricket online betting sites accessible in India?

The simple answer to this question is yes, they are. You can access all the best cricket betting sites in India for the best odds. However, although they are legal and accessible, you should beware of scammers and fraudsters looking to capitalize on the ignorance of many. Ensure you only play with certified cricket betting sites, with a history of service and a huge customer base.

How to begin online cricket betting in India?

The steps to begin online betting in India are pretty simple, and the same with other countries around the world. Simply follow the procedure below:

  • Register with your preferred betting site;
  • Fund your betting account through e-wallet means;
  • Access available games and odds and place a bet,
  • Withdraw your money if you win.

Setting up a betting account is very easy and completely free, as you only have to visit their official website and click on the register button. The process involves you supplying some necessary details like your email address, phone number, address, password, and much more. Not to worry, your information is securely stored on the site's servers and cannot be viewed by people who have no business accessing it.

After setting up your account, you should also take a minute to surf the website and see what they offer you. Check out their cricket betting odds, and how favorable it is compared to others.

It is also important that you confirm whether the site works well on your mobile phone. Cricket betting sites with this feature allows you to bet and monitor your earnings on the go. Another important thing to look out for is if they offer live betting or support playing in Indian rupees.

Despite the legal dilemma, online cricket betting sites are actually accessible in India, and you can legally bet on them too.