Why you have to beware of roulette bonuses?

Why you have to beware of roulette bonuses Why you have to beware of roulette bonuses

When they prepare to deposit money online, players are usually hunting bonuses, so it might come as a surprise that some go to great lengths to avoid roulette bonuses. The reasons vary quite a lot and some of them are objective while others are based on no concrete proof, nevertheless they are worth exploring.

Pay attention to the wagering requirements

It sounds lovely to deposit a few hundred dollars and have them matched 100% or even more, then get the chance of playing with a budget that is several times higher than what you can afford. You assume that there are no strings attached and the entire amount will be released immediately, so that you can fulfill your highroller ambitions. One of the problems is that in many cases you don't receive the bonus amount right away, but it is released in increments as you acquire enough points.

Frustrating as this might seem, it is not the worst thing because the bottom line would be that you simply play with the money that you deposited. The problem is that the wagering requirements are sometimes extreme, and your favorite game is not actually among those that count for wagering purposes. It might sound rather strange to hear that the roulette bonus can't be rolled over in the game of roulette, and players are expected to play slot game more by scratch cards. Read the wagering requirements twice if you need to, before accepting the bonus, just to make sure that you stay on the safe side.

Decreased chances of winning

It is not something new that many players tend to blame bad luck, the game or the software for their bad beats, but there are not few who blame the bonuses for their downfall. What these users claim is that by accepting the bonus, they are blacklisted and the software somehow prevents them from winning. Many feel like a doom button has been switched on, and although it appears like they are going through ups and downs, the end result is always the same.

While it is rather difficult to prove something like this, it is a theory that has gained a lot of popularity online. If you are superstitious or have some second thoughts about the honesty of online casinos, there is no need to aggravate this condition by accepting roulette bonuses. It is possible to decline them before making the deposit, although you need to take action otherwise it will be credited to your account by default. It is entirely up to the players to take advantage of bonuses and promotions or turn them down, what matters is to get their facts straight. Online roulette bonuses are popular in almost all online casinos and players have thousands of options if they look for the perfect match; the casino bonuses are way bigger than poker or sports bonuses.

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