The Rules of Blackjack

The rules of blackjack The rules of blackjack

Even though Blackjack has a standard rules book, it is important to know that these rules may change; if you want to earn a lot of cash at Blackjack, you should know these rules by heart. Once you master this game and its strategies, it is very possible that you will earn some good amounts of money.

Rules of Blackjack:

The number of each card is the only thing that counts in Blackjack. All other things, such as colors should be ignored when playing this game. In order to decide if your hand wins or loses, the card numbers you hold are added up. If you are holding card numbers from two to ten, the things are pretty clear: for example the three of spades is counted as three and the then of hearts as a ten. However, if you are holding an Ace, it is up to you whether you count it as one or eleven. The other cards that do not contain any numbers (jacks, queens and kings) are always counted as ten. The goal of this game is that the player should try to build up a hand of twenty-one or close to this value (never more than twenty-one). If the player makes up a hand higher than twenty-one, he will directly lose it.

Getting at the Tables:

When the game starts, the dealer will give each player two cards. After he has finished dealing the cards, players need to evaluate their hand and they may either ask for another card or stand. The dealer also has his own hand and his goal is to play against the players; he can also take another card or stand. If both the dealer and the player don’t make a hand value of twenty-one and do not get bust, the one who is holding a higher number in his hand is declared as the winner. Moreover not only the players get bust if they make a hand higher than twenty-one, but also the dealers. Assuming your hand is not surpassing 21, you will win the round no matter the value you are holding in your hands.

Other Types of Rules:

Furthermore, you should be aware of the fact that there are many blackjack rules available, which may affect your winning chances. For example, in some casinos the dealer’s responsibility is to stop on seventeen, reducing the chances of winning. Another possibility is to allow a pair to be separated; this rules allows you to play two hands at the same time, separately (this rules applies only if your last hand contained a pair, such as two fours). If you choose to play both hands, you can either lose or win two times in a round.

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