The History of Keno

The history of keno The history of keno

The Ancient Game of Keno Was Bringing Amazing Profits:

The game of Keno was first developed by a famous Chinese General, in the name of Cheung Leung, and since then it has become very popular in ancient China. First of all, Cheung Leung only used the firs 120 characters of the poem and his target was pretty clear: creating a gambling game. In order to win some at Keno Lottery, people should guess the numbers. The game was a real success and the legendary general used the profit to support the military department. All the money was spent on weapons, bullets, arms and other military things in order to protect the country from any attacks.

Furthermore, the 120 characters used in the game of Keno were split in eight sub-categories and the King would draw the lucky numbers two times per day. The rules of the game were pretty simple: if the player won in one sub-category, he would win ten additional bets. However, if the player lost in one sub-category, he would lose three additional bets.

In those ancient times, the game of Keno was also known as “The White Pigeon Game”, because these tiny birds were used to announce people in whole country if they either lost or won. Back then, these little white birds were the fastest communication method. The game gained huge popularity and Cheung Leung had amazing profits, which helped him to reinstall his army, according to the information given by

The Chinese Scholars thought that the people who were playing this game were actually robbed of their cash. Instead of asking them directly to pay taxes in order to supply the king’s army, Cheung Leung was fooling the people with gambling. It is said that the profits made from this game were also used for supporting the building of the Great Wall of China.

Even nowadays, many people in China still name this game as it was called in the past (The Thousand Character Classic) and they play it two times a day. However, the 1.000 characters number was reduced to 80 and each sub-category is split by ten symbols.

The Game of Keno in North America:

During the 19th century, some Chinese people have immigrated to America and also brought the game of Keno with them. This was happening during Gold Rush and many people originating from China have immigrated to the United States. Since it has been developed in the United States, the game of Keno has become very popular, especially in the states of California and Nevada. Nowadays, you can play the game of Keno either online or in a land-based casino, according to

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