The History of Craps

The history of craps The history of craps

When was the game of craps discovered?

Most sources are saying that the game of craps was discovered in England during the 12th century, when the Third Crusade took place. Furthermore, it is said that the English game named “Hazard” actually gave birth to craps. The knights of Sir William of Tyre were playing the game of “Hazard” during their mission to conquer the castle of Hazarth; it is said that the battle of Hazarth took place on June 11, 1125. In this game, the players had to choose a number between five and nine (this number was named the main). For example, if the main were five or nine, rolling two, three, eleven or twelve ended up as losses. In addition, if the main were six or eight, the player won on twelve and lost at eleven. Moreover, if he chose seven as main, he won on eleven, but lost on twelve. The chance is exactly the same thing as the point in nowadays crap. Rolling the chance two times in a row will end up winning the game.

Craps Evolution:

The game of craps was quite popular by the end of the 18th century and when the French discovered it, they decided to change the rules. The rules are similar to today’s craps and the name was changed from Hazard to Craps.

Modern Craps:

By the end of the 19th century, the game of craps has arrived in America. John H. Winn, a famous game designer has developed the original craps layout and has also added some additional bets on the board. Winn’s type of craps has become very popular in no time and it is the same version that can be found in all casinos nowadays. The “Don’t Pass” option is one of the most interesting things added by John H. Winn; this new option developed by the game designer was a great anti-cheat defense. During a game of craps, there is a chance that the house has no advantage at all; this happens when placing another bet (known as “taking odds”) after a point is set. This is an exception to all casino bets, and this is why players love it so much because the house pays and receives the same amount if the player wins or loses. Those who play craps are encouraged to take advantage of this bet every time they get the chance, because if you compound its zero edge with the low one produced by either pass line or don't pass bet, the house’s edge is reduced to 1%.

Nowadays, the game of craps is available in both live and online casinos and the players are always spending quality time at the tables.

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