How to beat the online roulettes

How to beat the online roulettes How to beat the online roulettes

There are many systems that promise to help you beat the odds in roulette, and some of them are either particularly complicated, or require huge amounts. Those who can afford to gamble thousands of dollars on a spin, are either choosing a brick-and-mortar casino, or don't find any satisfaction in following strategies that will bring them profits of a handful of dollars. The two strategies depicted below are not foolproof but they don't require a lot of money to start and are fairly easy to understand.

Secret roulette system

The author of this roulette strategy chose this name but after explaining it in detail and even recording of video, the shroud of mystery was lifted. While it doesn't require a lot of money, players are supposed to pay attention to details and watch out for hot and cold numbers. More precisely, the focus is on finding the rows and dozens that had the fewest numbers drawn recently, and focus the bets on them. The bottom line about this strategy is to focus fire on the dozen and the row that is “due”.

In order to do so, one has to notice which were the latest numbers drawn, something that is very easy given the fact that online roulettes clearly display them.

To get a better view at the roulette board and see how the author chose to bet, check out this video and listen to the commentary as well:

With a minimal effort and a relatively low amount of money, players will pick up the basics right away and start beating online roulette.

Wayne’s roulette system

We don't try to take credit for other people’s roulette strategies and this is why we let you see what Wayne meant right here:

In a nutshell, players should know that his strategy is very similar to the aforesaid one, as the one betting has to focus on due numbers or colors. Wayne has a more aggressive approach, meaning that he focuses on a single color and also places special bets on individual numbers or clusters. The idea behind this strategy is to win as much as possible when you are on a winning streak, even if this involves taking more chances.

The similarities with the strategy explained above don't stop here, because in both cases you need to be flexible and adjust the system depending on what numbers appear. Wayne doesn't stick to one color and the corresponding numbers for too long, but instead switches to the opposite as soon as it stops delivering positive results. The same is done after a lengthy winning streak, because theory says that sooner or later things will go in the opposite direction. However, even if you learn some systems that can theoretically beat online roulettes, you should know that these systems will not make you rich and you might end up bad and lose quite a fortune.