The most popular online casino games in India

Indian men playing Teen Patti Indian men playing Teen Patti

If you have been keeping tabs on the turn of events, you will realize that India's stance towards the subject of gambling proves that the Asian nation is both a conservative and peculiar nation. For one, the legal status of gambling is largely determined by regional governments rather than the federal/central administrators or lawmakers. As a result, while casino games of chance are allowed with some stringent rules in places like Goa, it is disallowed in many other places.

However, online gambling in India is an entirely different ball game. This is because there are no defined rules by the commission responsible for gambling in this country. Considering that this government report on gambling does not address online casinos in India, Indians are free to even deposit rupees and win real money by playing real cash games.

It will interest you to know that some of the options that will be discussed here are Indian casino games that offer you that traditional experience you may have been longing for. So, keep reading as these real money casino games and foreign ones will be reeled out here.

Popular traditional Real Money Games on Online Indian Casino

Some popular traditional live dealer games that can be played on live casinos in India include the following.

Teen Patti

Speaking of popularity, online Teen Patti players are not hard to come by. Although most of these online casino sites open to the Indian populace are regulated by foreign gaming authorities, they understand that Indian players love Teen Patti Online and offer these Indian games.

This type of game is poker styled and has some similarities with the 3-card variety of the poker game. The amazing thing is that learning to play Teen Patti is not rocket science. It is one of the simplest games you can get a hang of in no time. All you need to do is understand the rules so that you are not caught up in a difficult situation while playing the game.

By and large, making sure you emerge as the highest hand is the intent of the game. That is what separates the winners from the losers. Frankly, this game is really a game of chance. So, winning is usually more of luck and less of skill.

Andar Bahar

Just like Teen Patti, it is a card game, this game runs on prediction. The players have to predict the appearance of the next card with values similar to the first one. This is a two-way decision as it can either be right or left. As with many other games of card, Andar Bahar is purely about luck and less skill.

Popular Foreign Online Casino Games in India

Some popular foreign casino games in India include:

Slot Machine Games

All over the world, offline and online casino companies have a long list of slot machine games in India that players can have a swell time playing and winning big. In essence, there are many online slot games available with jackpots up for grabs.

One of the reasons many Indian dealer love online slots is because it is not as capital intensive as many other options. As a result, you can play these online casino games in India for a few rupees.

It is strongly advised that you research the best games of slot machines in terms of prospective winnings and exciting experiences before going for any.


Frankly, it is hard to believe there is any casino player that does not know roulette. This is because it is one of the most popular games of chance in the world.

Online roulette players are expected to place their bet on the black or red part of the wheel. Additionally, the players are expected to make their predictions between multiple or single numbers. Playing this game on an online casino site is a great option in every sense of the word. However, make sure you are playing an interesting and rewarding variation of the game on a good platform.


Blackjack online and offline is also known as the 21 game. So, you should not get things twisted if you hear the term game 21 used more or less often.

As with many other casino games, blackjack is a game of chance that is filled with rewards as well as risks. This game requires the involvement of at least two players. However, it could be more fun and competitive with a lot more than two. Regardless of the number of people playing the game, everyone is competing against the dealer. However, the person that has the best shot is automatically the winner.

It is equally important that you beat the dealer while playing. To do this, you have to understand the value of each card. In light of this, there is the:

  • 2 - 10 cards with a face value;
  • Queen, Jack, or King with a value of 10;
  • Ace with a value of 11 or 1.

This aim is to get your card total nearer to 21.


If you are not too experienced at playing online casinos and casinos at large, this is one of the options we recommend. This is since it is not hard to understand and start trying your luck.

Many Indian players are obsessed with this game as they deposit and earn lots of rupees playing poker on various online casino sites.

Another great thing for Indian players is that this game is not a capital-intensive one for the most part. You can play safe by betting very little rupees and hitting the jackpots in return. Video poker games are very exciting and something you really want to try out on a good platform.


The game of Bingo has evolved over the years. The interesting thing is that the opportunity to play it on online casinos is a lot more organized, easier, and exciting.

For one, the possibility of cheating as many players fear is eliminated. This is because the gaming software is automated. Furthermore, although Bingo is a game of chance as with many other casino games, it requires intellectual prowess as well. So, you can try out this game if you are up for something that is mentally tasking as well.

Some traditional online casino games that Indians play are discussed here. If you must play any of these games, it is strongly advised that you understand the rules. You should make sure you are dealing with a good online casino India site. For one, it must have a reliable license.