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We have broken it down to you, in order for your stay on your online casino to be the best ever! On this article, we have divided the pool of players by three. Indeed, on the one hand, if you are a beginner, we will have enough options for you. You will understand exactly how and why to use those specific methods. Moreover, there are also a lot of intermediate players on online casinos. Those players will need to use specific methods in order to sustain their gambling habits. We also have everything that they will need right here on this article. Last but most definitely not least, if you are an expert, you will be able to use other payment methods that are way more adapted for your crazy gambling habits! We will not only talk to you about those payment methods but we will also give you a few examples for you to choose from in order to have the best possible experience while playing on online casinos! We omited the topic of bitcoins in this article, but you can learn about it on

The method for beginners: prepaid tickets and bank transfers

There are beginners all over online casinos! However, it is very often difficult for them to pick the right payment methods in order to cash in on some welcome bonuses, but also to invest on later wins on online casino games. Therefore, if you are not totally comfortable on online casinos and their games, we highly recommend that you go for the most simple and the safest payment method offered by online casinos. There are a few options that will be extremely simple for you to manage while discovering online casinos. Indeed, the first one is a payment method that only works for limited deposits. That way, you will be able to control your spending and your personal bank account will be left untouched. It is the prepaid tickets! You will need to purchase one and enter its code on your online casino in order to recharge your account. There is also a way to deposit and withdraw money for beginners and it comes from bank transfers that have a slower process yet extremely reliable, especially for beginners!

The method for intermediate players: the bankcards

Intermediate players are the kinds that just recently left the pool of beginners but who are not yet experts. Therefore, while prepaid tickets are not the best way to keep on playing from sun down to sun up, there are other ways for you! Indeed, you will be able to put your bankcards to good use! Those are the most common payment methods on online casinos, and they also the ones that are the favorites among players. Therefore, if you are in possession of a Visa or a Mastercard, then rest assured that you will be able to use them on any given online casino. Those payment methods will allow you to deposit and withdraw money right from your bank account and your gambler’s account!

The method for experts: the e-wallets

When you will have exhausted all the possible payment methods on online casinos, you will be able to deserve your expert status. Indeed, most players that are considered experts are the ones who use e-wallets the most! It is true that e-wallets are the most adapted for gamblers. Indeed, this payment method is completely separated from your bank account and everything happens online with absolutely zero fees and instantly! There are great options like Skrill and Neteller for you!